It's Halloween, Witches: The Best Time of Year for Vintage (and Costume Creativity)!

It's Halloween, Witches: The Best Time of Year for Vintage (and Costume Creativity)!

If you didn't already know, Fall is THE time for thrifting; my wallet goes buck-wild over Grandma sweaters and those perfect Levi's jeans, and my obsession with pairing vintage and newness feels extra trendy (and actually feels easy). And let's not forget the best reason to browse those vintage racks around the 31st... Halloween MAGIC! 

So if you're looking for easy Halloween options, and you enjoy mixing vintage-finds with your current closet favorites, then look no further Mama! (And if you're a last-minute-Lily like me, then hopefully this blog will help for that too too!)

Our Goddess Selena: I'm a Texas girl, so naturally, Selena is my everything. And what an easy, yet empowering way to honor her through vintage. Grab your favorite bralette, and pair with high-waisted Levi's, a chunky belt, a newsboy cap (her signature), and western booties- and BOOM, you've got yourself that Bidi-Bidi-Bom-Bom, baby!

Scooby's Daphne aka Miz-Blake-if-ya-nasty: This 60s cartoon sex symbol deserves her Halloween limelight. And what a fun way to rock those trending white booties. Go on the hunt for that 60s dress, a simple neck scarf, and a thick headband- and you're ready for your next mystery, boo!

Jackie O, The Divine Feminine: Okay yes, she was THE international style icon, but she was also the baddest babe. She had a passion for arts and culture, and her elegance and grace were one-of-a-kind. Celebrate her incredible divine with your classic trench and oversized sunnies, and pair with a vintage business babe dress and headscarf. Oh, and let's not forget about those same white booties! Hello, Independent Woman, first, and First Lady, second.

And then we have the ultimate classics:

The Witch (aka The Empowered Female): Give life to the black in your wardrobe, and claim the witchy woman that you so are! From little black dresses to vintage slips (seriously, form-fitting vintage slips are so sexy), rock your inner Stevie Nicks with a flowing kimono and a Fall wide brim. YAS witch.

The 90s Baby: Acid wash, acid wash, acid wash. Finding those acid jeans in the midst of a rack full of modern denim is the best feeling ever; something about the trend (painfully bad or always brings a smile to my face. Pair that amazing find with an oversized, bright tee and chunky boots (side note- finding authentic Doc Martens at a thrift shop is friggin rare, so if you do come across a pair, don't think- just buy!)

The Country Sass: Get it, Cowgirl! A mini skirt or vintage denim (look for those high-waisted Rockies, baby), paired with a western top and cowboy boots is just Dolly-magic. And how easy right? Damn right!

Love these ideas and pieces? Need some help? Stop into our Loveland shop! We've got a whole rack of the most gorggg vintage around (shoutout to our magical Marissa) and would love to hook you, your Halloween, and your everyday, kiss of vintage UP! 

Have fun, be safe, PLAY, and use Halloween as an excuse to celebrate that child-like spirit again! (Wouldn't it be wonderful to carry that inspiring inner child into our everyday life? I think so too...)

XO, Dez 


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