The Oversized Style: A Reclamation Story

The Oversized Style: A Reclamation Story

I love oversized everything. From denim and pullovers, to flannels and jackets, comfort is key, and for some amazing reason, the baggy, relaxed look is wildly sexy. I love rocking my vintage pullover that looks perfect with rolled sleeves, hugging denim, chunky boots, and flirty hoops. Or that jean jacket that seems to make my all-black outfit and snakeskin ankle booties just POP. Or what about that soft tee that is two sizes too big (that we all have in the depths of our closet)... it swallows our curves but also makes us feel some type of glamourous. Can I get a red lip and diamond studs with that, amiright?!

Okay I'm obviously hype on oversized, and here are our (me and the Vintage babes) current, favorite, oversized, Babetown, USA pieces: 

The Essential White Tee

If you don't already have one in your closet, then goddess, what are you waiting for? We all know the perfection of the go-to white (and omg shades of cream) tee, but go ahead and size up on one too! We love pairing with biker shorts, denim, a blazer- you name it. Give it that full tuck, and continuing living your best bossgirl life.

The Tie-Dye Pullover

If you didn't already know, the 70s are backkk and ready to play! And our cozy pullover so super embodies those wild and free hippie feels! We love pairing this unique piece with biker shorts (yes, again, because we are in love). Vintage Mom jeans would be a fabulous pairing, and can you imagine a Front tuck and classic Doc Martens?! Be right back- gone shopping.

The Jean Jacket

Oh the jean jacket- she comes and goes, but she's never out of trend in my book (so pro tip- never get rid of her). And we are falling hard for the kiss of sherpa on this little number. Stay warm and stylish with that same oversized tee and biker badassery. I love my jean jacket over a graphic tee, black denim, and booties.


So don't be afraid to wear it baggy, babe. Billie Eilish that closet. 

XO, Dez


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