Style Inspo: Miz Kacey Musgraves

Style Inspo: Miz Kacey Musgraves

She's got the fire of Dolly, the wild of Janis, and she's a whole lotta Priscilla badass. And wow, do we love her marriage of Grand Ole Opry sparkle and Woodstock radiance. To be totally honest- I'm obsessed. And so, with my warm confession of Kacey adoration, this week's style inspo is the one-and-only vintage glam goddess, Kacey Musgraves.

To begin, let's all imagine that the butterfly queen herself walks right into our sacred space (aka our Loveland boutique). With our shared #dream in my mind, let us then ask WWKL? (What would Kacey love...)

1. She would go straight for The Utah Boot. Though not of her Texas roots, Kacey loves a good western find, and these black, subtle, snake-printed babies fulfill both the country and the hippie.

2. She would fall in love with our Sailor Jean. This wide-hemmed magic aligns perfectly with her golden hour, and we are certain she would rock these everyday 70s-inspired essentials on a day-date with her velvet Elvis.

3. And of course, our Gratitude Pullover. The electric graphic nails her style, and while it's soft and cozy, it shares the perfect amount of Kacey sass. We can totally see the front-tuck happening too. 

4. Next up, The Western Waist Belt. Cause for real, it's just sooo Kacey. She would add this kiss of cowgirl to all of her flirty mini dresses, or even rock it with those Sailor Jeans. 

5. And finally, our Woodstock Tee. This fitted tee is a no-brainer on Kacey's list of Vintage Willows favorites. And how perfect would it pair with wide leg jeans, flared corduroys, or even paired with a vintage vest... Oh, I'm in 1969 LOVE!

Ugh, we love you, Miz Musgraves. Come see us!

Need more Kacey? Take your happy butt on over to Pinterest. You're welcome. 

XO, Dez


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