Side Hustle Spotlight

Side Hustle Spotlight
Written by Kate Woodman
Vintage Willows Boutique loves supporting local makers near and far, particularly with jewelry, accessories, and body products. Kali, the owner, is passionate about empowering and promoting entrepreneurs, and in this case, the faces of the gals at Vintage Willows. We're taking a minute to spotlight the side hustles of each lovely lady!
Heck Yes Vintage is all about pieces with history and items that when you wear them, they make you want to say “Heck Yes!” My love for vintage has grown steadily over the years and I am always searching for pieces with a lot of love and life in them. It’s more than just searching for the same style of Levi’s or for styles that are on trend now, it’s about finding the hidden gems in the thrift stores, the pieces our parent’s parents would have worn. Reusing styles and redefining what it means to love fashion. 
Find your ‘Heck Yes’ 
Hi, I’m Hal–designer and creator of Hal at the Moon. My concept for painting hats came about because I wanted to integrate my personal artwork into something useful and to connect with people. Each hat is hand painted with careful thought into each design with a theme that centers around the wild and the happenings of the desert (hence the name). I love getting lost in nature and finding beauty in the simple, sometimes desolate parts of the world. My designs attempt to showcase some of the beauty I encounter along the way. I want people to uniquely express themselves and find a hat that suits their personal style. I love that I get to share my passion with all of you!

I started Holistic Healing Mama after I had my first daughter in 2019. I’ve used essential oils since I did my yoga teacher training in 2014. I believe aromatherapy is incredibly powerful and healing for our physical, mental and emotional well-being. I think our basic senses are what connect us to our surrounding world and one another. I have enjoyed the creative process and evolution of the products. I am hoping to start taking the brand further in the next year by integrating yoga and tips for dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues, another big passion of mine. Thank you for following along on my journey with me!



  At a young age my passion only grew fonder for the western way of life. Watching my papa and his love for Native Americans and cowboys and inspired with that he handcrafted his own jewelry. I remember seeing tubs and tubs of TURQUOISE at there cabin anytime I came to visit. My senior year 7 years ago, I got to learn the same passion. I fell in love with Metal Smithing and hand stamping jewelry that year. 

2 years ago I knew I could start a business in memory of my Papa who passed away back in 2007. I was soon able to quit my full time job with starting B Bar West & Co and I knew that one day it would benefit me as a stay a home mom. 
I am so blessed with all the support and love my husband and family have shown me through my journey with B Bar West & Co.


 Victoria, Hali, Mira, and I are incredibly grateful to be apart of an atmosphere that supports what we are passionate about and to have someone on our side that encourages us to grow our brands. Next time you're in the shop, say hey and check out our products! 

Thanks for reading!

xo- Kate


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