OK #NotJustAVintageShop: Featuring Local Apparel in Vintage Willow

OK #NotJustAVintageShop: Featuring Local Apparel in Vintage Willow

Every cloth is special; it takes love and dedication to make something great. That's why we have Vintage Willow. We feel that vintage shopping isn't just about shopping for old clothes! It's about shopping for unique treasures that everyone can find in stores across the globe, but we have a best seller’s collection of our items that every woman shouldn't wait to find, because everyone needs to find that perfect dress or blouse that makes them feel like a real Old Hollywood Starlet!

When Love For Something Becomes Passion

Vintage Willows started out as a personal collection of vintage items gathered at home in South Dakota. I had an eye for unique vintage pieces that were in great condition and had always loved vintage clothing, so I got started on her own. Luckily, I found an ideal location in Loveland, CO, in the heart of the city. I opened the shop in June 2014, and our business has been thriving ever since! I loved meeting so many people who love vintage! It's so amazing to know that something I love so much is loved by so many people.

At Vintage Willows,  I have a passion for putting together outfits that are comfortable, stylish, and trendy. You can buy vintage clothing; they're very comfortable and stylish. Our jeans are hand-picked, the shirts are very comfortable, and the tops are trendy. Our dresses are also hand-picked; they are stylish, trendy, and easy to wear. For whatever outfit you need; we have it. We also have vintage baby clothes; these are for babies. We carry baby clothes, toddler clothes, and children's clothes. We also carry accessories, like shoes, bags, jewelry and glasses.

Truly, Vintage Willows is dedicated to providing the most fashionable outfits for the modern woman. No matter what her age, or lifestyle, our boutique has something to offer everyone. Each item on our racks is hand-picked to ensure that each of our customers bagged something new and exciting, while still maintaining high quality of the clothing. We've grown over the years, but our mission remains the same, to bring you the most fashionable clothing, at affordable prices that is trendy and comfy. 

Wear And Flex Your Cloth of Choice!

Our passion is to make women feel empowered and comfortable through our products. We make fashionable clothing that can hold up to whatever life throws at you. A shop that empowers women everywhere to be able to stand up for themselves and not worry about what other people might say. We believe that you should be able to wear whatever you want to wear and not be afraid of how others think you look.

Vintage Willow is where you can find all your fashion needs for different occasions. With an extensive selection of different dresses, accessories and shoes, you can definitely fit your wardrobe with our stuff and step out to look like a goddess. This is the shop where you can enjoy and surely boost your confidence. We will always be at your service anywhere across the globe!

Many of the items are more than just handpicked. We love our customers to see themselves as one of a kind.. We make frequent modifications to our clothing line to make it more comfortable, fashionable, and affordable.

Live a fashionable life with a garment that feels good. So, wear and flex your cloth of choice!


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