Ladies of Downtown Loveland

Ladies of Downtown Loveland

Written by Kate Woodman

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Loveland, Colorado sits on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. It is home to quaint coffee shops, hip restaurants and breweries, and not to mention some of the trendiest small-business boutiques in the Northern Colorado area. What most people don't know, is that these independent shops are the budding dreams, labors of love, and owned and operated by all women

Complement, not competition:

You may think multiple shops in one location, all run by women sounds like a recipe for disaster. On the contrary, it is the furthest thing from that. These women all share the same heart when it comes to working together to cultivate a better shopping community in downtown. Every owner and buyer travels to various fashion markets to bring their own unique style and product to their shop. Some women even travel together and encourage one another while on buying trips. "Shop 'til you drop" in it's most literal sense! These women also invest their money back into the Downtown Community through dining and shopping at other stores, supporting the Downtown Alliance in Loveland. 

Invest in your community:

There are already many women (and men) who support these Boss Babes in pursuing their dream, while raising their families and maintaining their lives. We are excited to announce that "Shop Local Saturday" is beginning on Saturday March 30th and will continue to take place on the last Saturday of every month. Come out and support your local community and entrepreneurs while receiving perks such as a free gift and special offers! Why shop local you ask? Because you are giving back to your community and investing in the tomorrow of Downtown. 

Some of the locations to check out on Shop Local Saturdays (if not sooner!):


Abby-Downtown Partnership 

Kim-Love and Hearsay Vintage

Stephanie-Little Piece of My Heart

Kali-Vintage Willows Boutique

Robbie-Garment Gal

Annalise-Annalise the Amaranth

Kathleen-Hatas Unique Boutique

June-Hearth and Home

Patty-Rooster Browns

Ana-PILAR Boutique

Penne-Cloz to Home



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