All About Lucie

All About Lucie
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Lucie is one of the most wonderful humans I have ever met! SO grateful to call her one of my best friends! A few years ago she strolled into my shop and mentioned that she made macrame, and we discussed her selling it at Vintage Willows. Ever since then she has been creating beautiful things that act as both boho-inspired decor for the shop and merchandise to share with our customers.
Here is a little bit about Luciewith_an_IE!
How & when did you start your business?
I officially began selling my artwork in May of 2015. It was on my first Mother's Day that someone bought a macrame piece I listed on my Etsy page, but I started creating way before that. I was living in Turkey, teaching ESL, and I didn't have many friends so I tried a few different forms of art before finding weaving. Once I began weaving, I couldn't stop. My husband would get jealous of my weaving loom because I spent so much time with it.
You create so many beautiful things! What is your favorite type of art to create?
I love trying something new and I really don't like to create the same thing over and over again. Whenever I can make something that is new and I have free range to do whatever I want with it, that makes me the happiest and most satisfied. When someone orders a macrame piece from me and they say, "Do whatever you want," I can't sleep at night because I think of too many ideas. Lately, I am so in love with making new clay slabs with my most favorite colors in them. 
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Being a busy mama, how do you make time to work when you’re at home with your girls?
I wake up between 5:30 and 6:15 everyday to get my boring work done (I work for a trucking company part time from home). So once I get my hours in for that, it's time for my fun job! My girls love to create too. It gets messy. Really messy. But what better way for them to learn than to experiment and play around with whatever I am doing. Clay has been so much fun for them to play with. They come up with great creations like barbie food, necklaces, animals, etc. I try to involve them, as much as possible, into the process. Hands on learning all day long.


How do you stay inspired and/or come up with all of your brilliant ideas?
I use to hang a picture next to my bed about whatever I wanted to dream about. It worked many nights. Like if I needed to make a macrame backdrop for a wedding, I would hang a picture of one I made next to my bed and variations of it would appear in my dreams. I have very wild, vivid dreams. Sometimes too wild that I wake up exhausted. Now I like to create mood boards for my clay with patterns I like and colors I want to try to mix. I follow a lot of designers too so they always inspire a lot of what I do. 
Where can people find you and shop your work?
I am hoping to relaunch my Etsy page in the fall but for now, I have been selling my art through Instagram @luciewith_an_ie. Customers can send me a message to claim whatever they see on my page. It has worked brilliantly but I am hoping to expand and I think Etsy will help me stay organized and reach a bigger following. 
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