A Must-Have Fall Essential: The Art of Slowing Down

A Must-Have Fall Essential: The Art of Slowing Down

When I was a high school teacher, slowing down in the fall (or really any season aside from summer) felt nearly impossible. And even now, 3 years out of the public education game, I still struggle, at times, to just chill- and mindfully at that. So, with the inviting transition into our fireside season, I bring you (and myself) the reminder that fall and winter are a time to unwind, chill out, and rejuvenate. Let us tend to both matching nature's reset and prioritizing our mind, body, and spirit this season.

Here are my three, favorite mindful practices to ignite the art that seems like an impossible (and guilt-provoking) feat at times, but is oh-so-necessary for us all:

1. Meditate: Yes, we all hear this suggestion quite often, and likely it can feel intimidating when you first attempt (or maybe even just thinking about sitting quietly raises red flags within your need-to-be-productive arena). But, amazing human, I'm here to emphasize its value. Even just five minutes a day is the jam, where you set a timer, put on that winter chill mix, find a spot in your sacred space, and turn off the world. Even if your mind wanders and you lovingly have to redirect it every ten seconds. Try it. Try it for a full seven days and assess how you feel. Granting your mind the time and space to calm will leave you feeling relaxed and warm. I promise. Fun tool: Insight Timer is a free app, and Sarah Blondin is my girl.

2. Movement: Mindfully move that gorgeous butt of yours! Go for a walk and breathe in the cool, healing air. Bike around the neighborhood or at Devil's Backbone before the snow hits again. Put in those headphones and dance like a damn queen on that back porch. Yoga (shoutout to LC Yoga), dancing (another shoutout to Lime Light Fitness in Fort Collins where I teach- wink wink), cardio, stretching, kickboxing, cycling- you name it- live in your grooving body at least once a day, even if it's a ten minute stretch flow before bed. Get that blood flowing, and grace your body with release.

3. Tea: I love my tea. Cinnamon apple, chamomile, ginger, green, black, white- girl, gimme it all. And I love creating rituals around my tea. In the morning, it's gratitude journaling with ginger. In the afternoon, it's writing with apple cinnamon. After dinner, it's curling up with Brene Brown and chamomile. And before bed, it's more ginger and meditation. The more I practice my mindful tea time, the quicker I unwind with each first sip. It creates a peace and stillness that is so easily attainable. Give it a whirl!

And finally, I hope I have empowered you to create your own self-nurturing rituals, within any form of self-care this season. Maybe making more space for your dear friends, over coffee, shopping, and laughs feels good. Maybe cozying up with Netflix and indulging in salted chocolate feels good. Maybe setting aside extra fur baby cuddle mornings feels good. Do what feels good for your soul, and do it with attention and intention.

All of my love,




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