Vintage: What is it and how do I wear it?

Vintage: What is it and how do I wear it?

By Kate Woodman

Hello to all you wonderful people! We hope you enjoyed our first blog post, "Local Boss Babes". We are excited to communicate and interact with ya'll through this form of media! 

This week we want to talk about our name: Vintage Willows. We know some of our shoppers LOVE that we carry real, authentic vintage pieces. Some of you may not know what vintage items are, or if you even have an interest in vintage fashion. We want to take the time here to help you understand what it is and how to incorporate your own vintage style into your closet. So are you ready to find that unique vintage piece that you've been too hesitant to rock or afraid to purchase? Well we're here to help you. 

 What is vintage? Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it's something too old to be considered "modern", but too recent to be considered "antique". We like this definition: retro, recently out of style, but potential to make a COME BACK. There's no denying the 80's are back. Retro stripes, fringed jeans, and leopard prints are all the rage right now. Let's just hope that big hair and glamour shots do not make the cut for come back, am I right? 

This time a year ago I did not have ANY vintage pieces in my closet. I really had no interest in it either, to be honest. After working at the shop, I have discovered a whole new outlet for creativity and self-expression through vintage clothing. Owning vintage is a unique way to channel women before our time, while maintaining your own individual style. The first piece of vintage clothing that I purchased was a dainty, white Ann Taylor blouse from the 90's at a thrift shop. I loved pairing it with maxi skirts and gingham shorts. It looked especially adorable tucked in or tied at the waist. Head scarfs and kerchiefs are an awesome first vintage piece to own as well. They're a perfect accessory to any outfit and immediately channel a retro look.

We believe every woman should have at least one piece of vintage in their wardrobe. Our vintage is handpicked with love and we want you to find something you feel confident rocking! Half the battle with vintage is just OWNING IT when you wear it. So the next time you're hesitating on whether or not you should buy that scarf or high-waisted pair of jeans, the answer is "YES, GIRL, YES!"

We are always restocking our vintage racks, so come see us and we'd love to help you find your first piece! 

Take a peek at some of our current favs!

mauve pink sweater

vintage camo jacket

vintage leather woven sandal


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