The Babe Magic of Connecting Over Shopping

The Babe Magic of Connecting Over Shopping

At 13, my weekends revolved around my best girlfriend and our beloved trip to the mall. The entire week before consisted of the delicate planning of our be-seen outfits, our preferred stores, and our food court adventures. At 16, I shopped with my babe bestie nearly every Saturday afternoon, on the beautiful search for denim deals and wild push-up bras. And at 32, shopping with my girls is still the best. We meet for coffee, chat about life, and then hit the boutiques and thrift stores to share in our passion for fashion (and killer sales- because adulting).

The shopping memories, thus far, will forever be my favorites, and whether actually buying or just browsing, shopping has always served as a special connecting piece with my girls. You talk life, you adorn yourselves in beautiful things, and you explore your individual creativity- together. It is magic! (And here's why...)

Why shopping with your babe bestie is magical:

1. She knows your body, and you know what shows off her shape. She is quick to praise the wine kimono's perfect length for your height and the way the date night dress hugs your hips. You love her booty in those Kan Cans and the way her waist is defined by the simplest of tanks.

2. She knows your wardrobe, your style, and likely every piece in your closet. She knows what you already have, what you need, and what will go perfectly with those rust corduroy flares. You guide her toward new tops and less denim (because she has what seems like 40 pairs), and she physically directs you away from the boot sale. She loves your vintage touch, and you love her calling to sophisticated pinks.

3. She knows when to call it quits. So you're not having a great day, and shopping for a new dress really is not working out. You know when she just isn't feeling secure in her (incredible) body that day. Or you have both hit your limit- both emotionally and financially. You both know when to break for cocktails and fries.

4. You offer each other honest feedback (which is most important), both in how a piece complements the body, and in how that trending print does not align with your style. She is not afraid to loving state, "girl, put that back on the rack." And your heart glows when you see her step out of the dressing room with a confident smile. She can tell when it fits you perfect, but you just aren't feeling it, and you feel honest in sharing such with her.

5. And most of all, she empowers you, and you empower her. It's through spending present time together and celebrating in each other's feminine. It's through that rush of excitement over "the jacket" or "the purse" that you have both been searching for, for what seems like your entire lives (not to be dramatic). It's through that ugly-as-hell costume piece in the back of the thrift store, that you both HAVE to try on, and only for that sparkling, belly laugh and the forever photo evidence. It's through that end-of-the-shopping-trip chat about all of the incredible finds, the hilarious hell-nos, and the warm hug. It's through the memories. 

Cheers to best friends, fashion finds, and connecting!



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