Problem Solved: I Have Nothing To Wear

Problem Solved: I Have Nothing To Wear

(3 Things You Already Have and How to Wear Them)

My alarm sounds at 7am, and the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” races through my brain (before my desire for coffee hits, oddly enough). Have this same issue? Girl, we all do. BUT, there is a simpler solution than you think- and likely, you already have these 3 items in your closet.

Ready for it? Jeans. White Tee. Flannel. Yeah gorgeous, it’s that easy.

Three Ways To Rock This Look:

Look 1: Wear your white tee tucked into your go-to denim or flowing. Wear your denim a few days in a row by changing the look up with a statement belt and booties. 

Look 2: Not a bootie gal? Wear with your tennies and ball cap for extra comfort, or throw your black heels for a casual yet sophisticated happy hour.

Look 3: Same denim and oversized white tee, but add a fabulous flannel. Rock it in the cooler mornings, with a knot at the waist, and tie it around the hips when the sun begins to shine. Again, this look is perfect for those booties or tennis.

 Look 4: Oh hay, did we mention the oversized tee knot? We are obsessed with knots, and how cute would this look be with layered gold necklaces?! YAS!!

Look 5: Need some inspiration for Casual Friday, but with a bit more office-friendly feel? (Oh how we love those Friday meetings...) Rock your same denim with a tucked, flowing blouse and booties. We also loveee statement earrings, both for the office and for the date nights. 

As always, don’t be afraid to experiment with your pieces. Pick 5 items out of your closet and challenge yourself to absolutely own those pieces with as many different looks as possible. Snap your looks, and scroll your phone on those mornings when struggling to visualize an outfit is a very real thing. Have fun, explore your creativity, and the once-dreaded statement of “I have nothing to wear” will soon become, “What fun combination will I explore today?”

XO, Dez


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