How to create a capsule wardrobe within 6 months!

How to create a capsule wardrobe within 6 months!

Written by Nicci

The other day, the term capsule wardrobe was thrown out and I had no idea what it was! If you’re still part of the unknown, let me break it down for ya. By definition, a capsule wardrobe consists of a limited amount of pieces that can create an abundance of outfits (pretty much). The standard seems to be nine tops, five bottoms, and five pairs of shoes. Personally, I’ve decided to throw in some dresses, jackets, and accessories to the mix.

Now for the best part my dear friends. Below I will share with you the capsule wardrobe I’ve created over here at Vintage Willows.* Since we’re a boutique, our styles and sizes are limited, but your girl has managed to create this beautiful collection within six months. But first, why even talk about a capsule wardrobe? For me, a capsule wardrobe is more than a collection of functional items that transcend seasons and trends. These items do that of course! But this concept of a capsule wardrobe has hit me on a spiritual level. Now when I peruse my closet, I truly feel connected to and have gained so much love and appreciation for my wardrobe and the personal aesthetic I’ve managed to acquire and tend to. As women, our personal styles and body shapes are so so different from one another. Let’s acknowledge that and own it!

I totally could have purchased a capsule wardrobe from a distributor (there are many out there), but where is the fun in that? Those distributors don't know my body type OR my aesthetic. If I hadn't handpicked these items myself, I fear I may have lost interest in the items picked for me. A lot of capsule wardrobes mention picking a basic color and then an accent color. I am all about the colors and the patterns ladies, so that strategy just doesn't work for me. Below I have listed the core essential and functional items in my closet that transcend seasons and trends, yes, but also pieces that encourage my inner diva to come out. Now when I go shopping, I know exactly what my closet needs and can spot the items I can’t live without. My shopping trips are no longer filled with guilt or annoyance for impulse buys, but instead meaningful purchases. Which is all we want here at Vintage Willows! So know that I am not urging any of you babes to stop shopping. Especially when it comes to local support. We need you and we love seeing you all! Instead, I encourage you to go through your closet as a form of acknowledgment and gratitude. When I pulled all of these beautiful pieces from my closet, I was filled immensely with gratitude. I truly adore these pieces and now after putting in the work to acknowledge them, I will say, a little stress has gone away when I’m trying to decide what to wear. Since I love every single one of these pieces, it’s not a chore or a hassle to get dressed. Instead, I'm excited!! Our personal styles and aesthetic can be a huge remedy for confidence. What works for me, may not work for you. I challenge you to go through your closet and find those essential and functional pieces that truly make you feel like a goddess. If you feel like you’re lacking in that department, come over to vintage willows. I know the ladies here, myself included, would love to help you find those special pieces that encourage you to feel like the goddess you are! 

All the love here at VW’s,


capsule wardrobe

*When going through the list, please note that I left out active wear, undergarments, and cold weather layers. We do live in Colorado and your girl definitely layers up during the cold months.


  • Silky tank 
  • Basic tees (1 Black/1White)
  • Graphic tee 
  • Waffle Knit Top
  • High Neck Sweater


  • Black Flare (Rolla’s)
  • Cream sailor jean (Rolla’s)
  • Vintage wash straight leg (Rolla’s)
  • Fun flowy green pant (dressier occasions)
  • Light wash shorts (rolla’s)
  • Olive cami shorts


  • Fitted mini (casual w/ graphic tee or date night)
  • Blush midi dress


  • Knit cardigan (Fall to Spring)
  • Denim jacket (Fall to Spring)


  • Black leather belt 
  • Scarfs/headbands!!! 
  • Straw Summer Hat 
  • Black Wool Fall/Winter Hat 


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